Elliot Todd

Elliott Todd is an artist working with glass based in North Carolina. Elliott started working with glass in 2006 when he discovered melting wine bottles with a small welding torch. Making glass beads throughout highschool, after graduation he took formal classes in glass at Penland School of Crafts. He worked for numerous local glass artists before moving to Philadelphia to continue his education at Tyler School of Art. After achieving his Bachelors in Fine Arts Elliott moved back to Boone, North Carolina to open a glassblowing studio in his hometown.  

Glass drawings have been a long journey. I have always struggled with drawing. I never took classes in highschool, and never really drew until I had to apply for college. This was probably one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. I got rejected twice but finally got in on my third attempt. After my first day of drawing class my teacher pulled me aside and offered one on one help to catch me up. I never got happy with my drawing skills. I would always overwork, over erase and end up with a smudged drawing. Paper and charcoal just wasn't my medium. 


Once I discovered drawing with glass it was a game changer. My first piece was a simple map of the world, but could adjust a single line 100 times and without degrading the line quality. Once I had graduated and was setting up a studio I pulled out some figure drawings to decorate with. I had some spare parts from another project, and they just so happen to line up perfectly with the lines of the drawing. I roughly put the pieces together and saw a human figure made out of glass come to life before my eyes.