Kristen Landsman

Following heartbreak during the pandemic, I combatted the idea of allowing myself to be

vulnerable to others and dwelling on all the things a person did to make me feel inadequate

when she was trying desperately to appease them.

Healing from this hurt in isolation was not easy. I found myself unable to go out and do the

things I would have done to distract myself. Fortunately, making art made the situation bearable.

Rather than suppressing such strong emotions, I took the time to process what had happened.

Although what initially inspired the painting was loss and a flawed sense of selfless love, by the

work completion I felt it represented growth and how the ability to love is ever-present.

When someone leaves you feeling less than, know that your ability to love and care for others

did not leave with them. With time it will return and you will be as, if not more abundant in that

ability, than before.