Mycha Bueche

TIME 2020's "Best Songs of 2020 so far" included the pop ballad by French artist Christine and the Queens, "People, I've been sad!"

The song embodies a longing but disappearance from the limelight, loneliness that still doesn't pick up or return calls. The sentiment of this song is something I felt truly embodied the pandemic for me - loneliness that seeks more loneliness. I wanted to show the missing of the everyday commiseration of the struggles of life with those you love, those you work with, and those you pass through in your everyday life. Interpreting my surroundings in vibrant and kitschy ways (bright vibrant colors, anthropomorphized versions of the things around me, simple forms) helped me reconnect with my true self and allow myself to cope. Happy art about sad times -- that's what carries me through this uncertain time and uncertain future.